Chetak Group is a pioneer in Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions in India. We, at Chetak, offer comprehensive custom designed logistics projects and supply chain management services to our customers. Our highly experienced professionals at various locations in India ensure sustainable growth and development to enhance customer value and quality. We have set benchmarks in customer satisfaction and service.

Board of Directors

Shri Jai Karan Sharma (JKS)(November 1, 1955 – October 11, 2020) embodied the intrepid entrepreneurial spirit of a visionary in perpetual motion to change the destiny of transportation industry/for nation. Acclaimed as the leading entrepreneur of the 20th century and praised for his dynamic, path breaking and innovative genius, Shri Jai Karan Sharma (JKS) was an inspirational leader. His success sparked the imagination of a generation of progressive Indian entrepreneurs, business and business leaders. For many, an icon remains, a model to follow.