Know Your Customer (KYC)

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Our unique approach to supply chain management enables us to reduce your transportation costs in several ways:.

Program Analysis - We begin with a thorough analysis of your existing transportation program to identify areas of inefficiencies.
Part Load Consolidation System - It is adept at combining higher-cost LTL shipments from different regions into more cost-effective full truckloads.
Load Builder Software - Weight and cube improvements are made, fully utilizing the entire trailer.
Position Pricing on Consolidated Line hauls - Customers pay for only the space their freight occupies.
Performance and Strategy Overviews - We periodically review our customers` entire program to identify any opportunities for enhancements.
Additional Indirect Savings - Decreased inventories, reduced transit times, elimination of premium freight, and fewer damages all lower transportation costs.

A time clock is placed on every shipment even before it is picked up. All shipments are traced versus that clock. If a shipment is running behind schedule we will inform you for the same so that you can take corrective measures to manage your inventories.

We understand that the nature of manufacturing dictates that there is really no time off. As a logistics provider to the manufacturing community, we have service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Periodic Performance and Strategy Overviews detail our service and costs. These reviews uncover inefficiencies that may have arisen in your supply chain and facilitates improvement.

Our state-of-the-art technology is constantly being upgraded. We have added more search criteria and reports to our Web based tracking system. This system is so powerful, you can monitor your shipments by part number, vehicle wise, transit stock, delivery stock and many more.

Success has been proven through the receipt of several awards and recently we have been awarded as Youth Entrepreneur of the Year by Ceat India and Transport Samrat awrded by AIMTC. You can find our more about appreciation & awards received by us at award section

The success of our services can also be demonstrated through our many satisfied customers. You can know more about our esteemed clientele at our clientele section

Our expeditious transit times along with a dependable delivery schedule supports a lean manufacturing environment. With raw material arriving when it is needed on the production line, safety stocks can be reduced to free up more usable space in the plant.

Consolidated truckloads are picked up from our Origin Service Center and delivered directly to our Destination Service Center. The Destination Center is the one and only place a load is cross docked. Full truckloads are never cross docked.

Our system is constantly updated with the status of our customers` shipments. Real time as well as historic data is posted on our systems at our Web site. Shipments can be tracked using various search criteria such as supplier, due date, pick-up date, delivery date, docket number, Invoice number and many others.

Chetak Group helps facilitate reduced inventory levels in three ways.

First, reducing the length of time your freight is in transit through our program decreases the amount of inventory you are holding at any given time.

Second, time definite delivery as indicated by our Supplier Release Schedule allows for enhanced scheduling. Knowing exactly when the next shipment of raw materials will arrive will help you hold less safety stock.

Finally, viewing the location of your inbound freight will also facilitate optimal planning.

We offer door to door service of goods from your supplier base, to your manufacturing or warehouse facility. By having one company manage all elements of the process, you are ensured that every element is working together synchronously.

With a one-stop-shop handling the entire process, you are assured of increased visibility and control of your freight. One point of contact will help you overcome any difficulties you may encounter, and one invoice per consolidated move eliminates confusion and decreases time-consuming paperwork.

Yes, Chetak Group offers door to door, port to port and port to door services. For more details feel free to contact us at 1800-11-7979 or e mail us at

Chetak Group handles the time critical and complex test of moving shipments through customs as quickly and efficiently as possible regardless of mode or Carrier & Cargo.

We maintain healthy relations with all the carriers providing flexibility in order to look after the individual needs of our customers, providing different packages in synergy with the demand of our valued customers.

“Experience clubbed with knowledge and solutions based on them” We work in close co ordination with trade – drawing out solutions to the various issues, which affect the business. We have expertise in order to meet the challenges of continuously changing demands of the trade without compromising on cost effectiveness, practical experience, commitment, innovation and above all the ability to deliver as promised have made us one of the trusted solutions provider in the industry. Kindly visit our service section for more information (Hyperlink of Services section).

Yes! Chetak Group is providing online shipment tracking for Air and Ocean. You can also visit our website and get the consignment status detail on your email or SMS on your mobile.

Our track and trace technology allows you to track your consignment door-to-door. And when your consignment is delivered, you get a notification of delivery as well as online notifications, SMS capability and mapping technologies offered across our service and location range.

We have the capability to offer SMS alerts for your consignment delivery:

  • On the day of picking - approximately within 3 hour of pickup of consignment you will get the notification.
  • On the day of delivery - an alert providing you with a 2 hour delivery window.

Further, in case you are facing any challenge(s), do send us an e-mail at or contact us at 1800-11-7979.