Chetak Group is a pioneer in Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions in India. We, at Chetak, offer comprehensive custom designed logistics projects and supply chain management services to our customers. Our highly experienced professionals at various locations in India ensure sustainable growth and development to enhance customer value and quality. We have set benchmarks in customer satisfaction and service.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

Chetak affirms its commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all its employees and ensures that its operations are carried out in a manner that protects the environment and community in general. Working safely and in an environmentally appropriate manner are conditions of employment.

The objectives of the policy shall be achieved at all company locations by:

  • Continuously improving our HSE performance
  • Complying with all applicable HSE legislation
  • Identifying and eliminating/controlling hazards and pollution that could cause accidents, illness or environmental harm;
  • Providing knowledge and information to maintain HSE systems;
  • Provide and maintain equipment in safe condition
  • Integrating HSE procedures into every operations of the company
  • Maintaining safe and healthy working conditions
  • To review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals

Chetak's Environmental Action Plan

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                                     Think Green Think Environment

Chetak has always been conscious of the implications of our business activities on the environment and as such, we crystallized this into what we call ‘think green - think environment’. Our purpose statement is as follows:

"Think Green Think Environment seeks to preserve our planet for generations to come by working collaboratively with our stakeholders to make sustainable and valuable supply chain services provider."

"Think Green Think Environment initiative:

  • Integrating carbon footprint calculations utilizing tools based on the GHG protocol standards. This will help us in calculating the carbon emissions associated with any Chetak service – including all transportation modes and warehousing activities
  • Integrating sustainability into Chetak global ISO 19001:2008 quality compliance effort
  • Building internal knowledge repositories to document and leverage Chetak’s sustainability best practices
  • Try to reduce miles and fuel consumption for our clients
  • Expanding our network and route optimization capabilities to analyse and report the green impact of various scenarios for clients
  • Chetak will build its Warehouse with LEED certified
  • Work with clients to identify opportunities to establish LEED-certified buildings
  • Optimizing the carbon efficiency of our network, fleet and buildings
  • Testing and introducing alternative drive technologies and renewable energies
  • Helping our customers reduce their carbon emissions by offering green solutions